Wedding planning for a short engagement!

Dec 13, 2022

Just engaged and considering a short engagement but wondering if it is possible to plan a wedding in less than six months? Read on for some advice from real-life bride Lara who married Phil at Valleyside Barn last year and the wedding was organised in even less than six months!

Valleyside Barn_Lara & Phil engagement picture
How long was it between your proposal and wedding day?
It was 3 months and 1 week! Although we had always wanted a quick engagement we didn’t plan it to be that quick but, we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge!

Had you discussed your wedding day vision before you were engaged and done any research?
We had jokingly discussed ideas previously but we hadn’t done any research into our wedding day before our engagement.

What advice would you give to couples who are organising a wedding in less than six months?
Be prepared that you may have to compromise on certain aspects, so prioritise organising the big things – for us it was the church, venue and caterer, and the small things will all slot into place. Once you’ve made your decision, don’t go back.

What tools did you use to help you keep on track?
I did have a wedding planner book which was kindly given to me, but I didn’t follow it stringently. We used all our own individual ideas and knowledge.

What was the most stressful thing and how did you overcome it?
A couple of things for us; firstly, we wanted to buy all our suits for the groomsmen but sadly we could not get what we wanted. Therefore, we looked into hiring suits which we didn’t want to do but having to comprise and go down this route worked out better in the end. Everything happens for a reason. Secondly, my makeup artist had to cancel the day before our wedding which was very upsetting at the time, but a close family member stepped into the rescue even with a 3 week old baby in tow on the morning of our wedding. Everyone is out there to help you make your day special.

Valleyside Barn_L&P and groomsmenIn hindsight is there anything you would have changed or done differently?
Our day was so special we wouldn’t want to change any of the running of the day. The only thing I would have changed was to make more time for couple photos, as we didn’t take many.

What was the best part about your wedding day?
We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, but in particular we loved walking out of the church as Mr & Mrs, with all our guests cheering and clapping, leading into the drive from the church to our wedding venue, Valleyside Barn, in a Bateman Sprayer!

 A huge thank you to Lara for sharing her experience of wedding planning, we hope you found it useful. We are here to help with your wedding planning from initial contact right through to the big day!



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