A bride’s poem – not a traditional wedding speech!

Mar 8, 2023

Gee & Ferdie_wedding at Valleyside Barn

Gee and Ferdie had their wedding at Valleyside Barn last June. They wrote their own vows for their church ceremony and Gee didn’t just stop there she also decided she was going to do a wedding speech! She took a slightly alternative approach and wrote it as a poem. Read on to find our more…

What made you decide to do a speech at your wedding?
I’ve never been a person who is short of something to say so it was only right that I was able to thank those who I wanted to thank in my own way and share my feelings towards my new husband! I also really wanted to demonstrate equal voices, especially to the younger relatives who attended the wedding.

How did your now-husband Ferdie react when you said you were planning a speech?
Initially, Ferdie was a bit surprised as he had always had fairly traditional views about our wedding. He was always very supportive about me doing a speech and I think it made him feel less pressure for his speech as he was only talking for himself and didn’t have to talk on my behalf!

How did you prepare for your speech?
I initially sat down with a pen and paper which failed miserably, so I then took our dogs out on a long walk and voice recorded my entire speech on my phone. All I had to do was type it up. I decided to write a poem as it gave my speech structure and each verse was dedicated to a person/people or significant moments in mine and Ferdie’s relationship to tell our story.

Gee - bride speech at Valleyside Barn

Are there any top tips you could share for other brides-to-be planning a speech?
Enjoy the process! One of my favourite things was writing my speech (and personalised vows) as it was time to share things that came from the heart and make our day our own. Taking the chance to tell people how you feel in life is so important and what better time to do it.

Did you have cue cards or a print out for the actual day?
I had the entire poem printed onto paper, but by the time it came to reading it I had pretty much memorised the whole thing anyway. The poem structure also really helped it to flow well. I gave the print out to my bridesmaids so it was one less thing I had to remember!

How many times did you practise?
I often practised the poem in the car when driving but never really formally sat down and read it all through until the week before the wedding. Winging it slightly kept it natural to read! Groom Ferdie listening to bride speech at Valleyside Barn

How did you feel just before the speech – were there any nerves and how did you overcome them?
I don’t normally get nervous for anything but I was a bit nervous just before the speech. I tried to remind myself why I had written it and at the end of the day it was too late to back out so just getting on with it made the nerves disappear.

Were you happy with how the speech went? In retrospect, is there anything you would have done differently?
I was very happy with how the speech went and felt grateful for the chance to thank loved ones and share how I felt about Ferdie. I said everything that I wanted to say and it was a very special part of our day!

Wow! Definitely ‘hats off’ to Gee for not only writing her wedding vows but also delivering a speech. Also a really great thing to do to inspire the younger generation.


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