Preparing a bride speech – top tips!

Mar 8, 2023

Rona & Graham - vows at Valleyside Barn

Rona married Graham at Valleyside Barn last April and was the first bride to take to the microphone and make a bride speech. While it is not unusual for brides or maids of honour to give a speech it can still be a daunting prospect especially if you are not used to public speaking. Rona tells us the reasons behind her decision and reveals some top tips!

What made you decide to do a speech at your wedding?
Both Best Men were not keen on making a speech and were very apprehensive. Because people expect ’Best Men’ speeches to be funny I was worried that nerves may overtake them and they would lack humour, so I felt perhaps the ‘jokiness’ needed to come from me! As it turned out the best men speeches were very funny and original.

How did your now-husband Graham react when you said you were planning a speech?
When I told Graham he laughed as he knew I would try and be funny by making fun of him!

How did you prepare for your speech and how long was it?
I just wanted to make people laugh and prepared by googling speeches and watching some on You Tube. I wanted it to be original but also needed some inspiration so I made notes and started to draft ideas.

Are there any top tips you could share for other brides-to-be planning a speech?Rona - bride speech at Valleyside Barn
I wrote out the speech and practiced out loud but only to myself, and also timed it to see how long it would be, to try and keep it around five minutes. I hadn’t given a speech before so I read direct from the written speech and practiced three or four times until I was happy it flowed ok.

How did you feel just before the speech – were there any nerves and how did you overcome them?
I was very nervous beforehand and explained to the guests that I wasn’t used to speaking so to bear with me. Prosecco also helps!

Were you happy with how the speech went? In retrospect is there anything you would have done differently?
I was really happy with the speech as people did laugh and felt really pleased with myself for overcoming my nerves and doing something I would never normally have done. I’m not sure I would have done anything differently but if I were giving any advice I would probably say prepare as far in advance as possible.  Then you can recall funny occasions that you can note down for inspiration and keep as original as possible with maybe a few jokes from the internet mixed in.

We think Rona did an amazing job – the photo of Graham laughing says it all! Good luck if you are planning to give a bride speech at your wedding!


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