Top five wedding trends – what’s hot right now!

Feb 22, 2024

In 2023 we saw some new and emerging wedding trends from couples who got married at Valleyside Barn. Read on to see if there is any you may want to incorporate into your own wedding day!

Top 5 wedding trends1# The Sweetheart Table
A ‘Sweetheart Table’ is a table for two as the ‘top table’ rather than having a traditional long table that seats newlyweds, parents, best man/woman and Maid of Honour/bridesmaid. The idea being that it gives the newlyweds some dedicated one-to-one time to themselves during the wedding day and means the Best man/woman and Maid of Honour/bridesmaid can sit with their other halves. Molly & Matt got married at Valleyside Barn last summer and were the first couple to have this table format. We asked them for their thoughts post-wedding…

What made you decide to have a ‘Sweetheart top table’ during your wedding breakfast?
We had heard from friends that their wedding days went very quickly and the bride and groom did not spend much time together. With the classic long top table you can only talk to the person sat next to you which we did not particularly like. We decided to have our top table as just the two of us so we could have that time together. Our parents were then seated with their closest family and friends and bridesmaids and groomsmen seated with their partners and people they knew. This allowed everyone to be happy and have a great time.

What did your family and friends think about you breaking with tradition of a long top table?
The family were a bit surprised and slightly offended that we didn’t want to sit with them at first! However, once they heard the reason why they understood. On the day they had a fantastic time seated with their closest family and friends. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were completely on board  from the start and thought it was a great idea!

Are you glad you opted for a Sweetheart table for two?Sweetheart Table_Gina Bentley Photography
Yes! It felt quite romantic to be seated together amongst such a large group and was a moment of calm. There was no pressure to chat to anyone and we got to enjoy watching our loved ones having fun.

Any top tips for other couples considering a sweetheart table (e.g. when one of you needs the loo!)?
Go for it! Enjoy some time quality together on your wedding day. If you end up sat alone, sit back and watch your loved ones enjoying the day that you have spent so much time planning. It is a lovely feeling knowing that all the hard work and planning had paid off, seeing people laughing and enjoying the food you have carefully chosen. Look around at how well the table décor and planning came together. A really joyful and satisfying moment!

Thank you to Molly & Matt for their insights into this emerging wedding trend – their Sweetheart Table was beautifully decorated!

2# The Crisp Wall
A great idea for when the munchies set in during the evening and who doesn’t love a bag of crisps! You can put your own stamp on the selection and include your favourite (even if they are twiglets!) – they were a big hit with wedding guests!

3# The Silent Disco
This is a fun way to change up the evening reception entertainment – especially when initiated later on in the night! There are usually two or three different channels guests can tune into – shown by the colour on the headphones. It is very funny to watch but if you don’t join in you may need some ear plugs for the out of tune/sync singing occurring!

Silent Disco_Xanthe Weddings4# Eco or charity favours
There are so many different options for favours – most couples want to make them personal and the most important thing is that wedding guests remember to take them home so they can keep the memento of appreciation. Charity pins or eco themed favours such as wildflower seeds have been popular but there are many other sustainable wedding favours available.

5# The Wedding Day Newspaper
This is a great idea to give to wedding guests on arrival for the ceremony. There is always going to be some waiting time before the wedding proceedings begin so guests can be kept occupied with your very own wedding day newspaper. As well as information on your ‘love story’, the order of the day and menu you can also include fun things about the guests i.e. who has travelled the furthest, who has been married the longest. If you are not a creative type The Crafty Lab have templates you can use to help create your very own personalised wedding day newspaper!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the latest wedding trends and if you are looking for a barn wedding venue in Devon to get married please get in touch to find out more and arrange a viewing.




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